Welded mesh

Welded meshes are used to reinforce concrete in industrial and civil constructions, in the manufacture of concrete structures, fencing, and metal confections, giving a high degree of rigidity and strength.

Our company sells a wide range of welded meshes.

The mesh panels are executed by electric welding, by the resistance of the drawn round wires or of the wires with a ribbed periodic profile.

The diameters of the wires for the meshes are:

  • smooth wire: 4 – 10 mm
  • wires with periodic profile: 4 – 12 mm

The dimensions and dimensional deviations of the wires fall within the norms: SR 438-2 and 438-4. The mechanical characteristics and limit deviations in length, width, the longitudinal and transverse pitch of the welded mesh are according to SR 438-3. Welded mesh panels can be made at the overall dimensions requested by the beneficiary.